Keep on keeping on!

Universal in movement, spinning, expansion…
The process is life.
Flux, actively changing, reaching out…
Collisions of reckoning, of refinement
A refiner’s fire, purifying; then a cooling –
A rest to become and re-become in new, grace-gilded birth.

Sustenance to grow and nourish,
Rest to assimilate and refresh,
Maintenance to flourish –
Cleaning, clearing, dusting down, shaking off, with
Joy to strengthen, energise and empower the dance.
Keep on keeping on…

Beware the universal danger in complacency –
Stagnation and decay in denial.
Keep on keeping on…

Seasons and cycles of movement –
Infinite and eternal macro and micro mysteries
In an awesome, joyous waltz –
Spinning, ever-changing, regenerating and recreating
Engaging body, mind, soul and spirit – pressing in,
Pressing on –
Actively seeking and finding,
Asking, seeking and discovering Truth;
Learning –
Learning to let go, to find courage;
Never striving, Ever trusting the universal Creator.

Planting, nourishing, wait and harvest –
Actively choosing life, loving life and resting
Continuously – pressing in,
Pressing on –

Vigilant discipline, pruning, sacrifice
And dying –
Dying to live – in a new Spring – a Resurrection,
To grow again courageously, creatively.
Keeping on…

Ever expanding, Ever reaching out and

Assenting to living and loving in the universal, joyous dance –
Keep on keeping on!

Heart of a Diamond (#becoming)

Reveal your secrets, Oh Diamond-
prized and coveted among gems
translucent, multifaceted-
but why SO loved?

You were not your own.
Hard pressed, hidden and buried in fire
trapped in life, death and time,
but this makes you solid and stronger than iron!

Fortune to the one who finds you, who digs you out
all rough and common looking,
a true treasure only to Him who dares, Him who knows,
Him who sees and cares enough!

The first blow comes:
and a facet of light gleams
reflecting glorious light though precious rock.
The Craftsman, the master of time, is patient;
for nothing is wasted;
time and again it is broken, hewn
and the shards are gathered and ground,
mixed with blood to make a paste-
a unique compound,
a polish to reflect a face
to polish others found along the path of strewn, hewn rocks

With each blow a new facet revealed
to reflect more of this all encompassing light
Love in pain, polishing,
Love in death, cutting,
Love in tears, in laughter in Joy
BLOW! Polish! BLOW!
Love in sacrifice, cutting,
Love in Victory, polishing
pouring itself out in never ending love.
So how many blows does it take, Oh Diamond?
How many blows, Oh Craftsman?
Till your face is reflected clearly in all your beauty
all your facets
and all your glorious light?

A Pot of Gold ( #temptation)

New year dawns and days lengthen
holding promise – for those ever looking ? –
in the warming, breathing spaces outside.
Sap rises in the garden
spreading an emerald glow
of hope and soft touches and scents of tenderness.

Amongst the yellow, the white and the green
stirs the mischievous leprechaun.
A flash of gold among the daffodils
He dances, playing, beckoning:
“Your garden is lovely! Linger a little with me!
I have a pot of gold – come and see!”
“You cheeky fly-by-night! You’d charm away my precious pearl?
Be gone with your fools’ gold!”

But I stay, I listen and watch him play
Alluring, daring, boldly dancing.
Sparkling amber green and gold dazzling
A glance over the wall at the forest – in the shade of the trees –
blue-bells, wild garlic, pastel greens – alive! Calling:
“Catch me if you can?”
I dance in the snatches of sunlight
those eyes!
Eyes are everywhere –
warning, peering, scowling, sneering –
looking for the leprechaun?
He won’t be found!
For beyond the forest are the sea cliff,
the summer sun, sands and seclusion…only IF…

But my garden is safe and my garden is beautiful
and therein lies my pearl!
Do not seduce me with fool’s gold!
Like the gold, he’s not really there – the Charmer!
but he does have to go.
There is work to be done in the garden,
to prepare for a pure and timely harvest.
“Be gone, wilful sprite!”
But the garden is ever more beautiful in the spring sun
and still we dance in golden fire
warm fragrance of life and magic caress of day-dreams to melt into…

I miss my leprechaun, the magic and the glow
I miss the stories, the tenderness and oh!
How I’ll miss the amber green fire,
the twinkling, dazzling gold
but I know –
that the garden will be more beautiful, my pearl more precious to behold;
and I’ll always remember the dance in the trees and the dream of the leprechaun
and his illusive pot-of- gold!

Be gone with your fools’ gold, wilful sprit!

Emotional Roller Coaster

Climbing, soaring, awesome
The excitement is breathtaking as the ride just begins;
the path I steadily climb,
higher and higher, the air getting thin,
exhilarating rushes of wind;
Reaching a peak it rests for a while…
the views from up here, I inhale –
the beauty, creation, the planets and stars
from this awesome height I rejoice…

With joy and with awe I would stay here forever
a sigh as my head tumbles back…
but this is the ride where high turns to low…
and this will not last,
back down I will go,
with a scream and a tear
and a moment of fear;
I will land with a thump back below!
The body has landed but the rest is still up there,
sick with no stomach and empty inside;
and now it all seems, back down on the ground,
this ache is reality and that was a dream…

Climbing, soaring, awesome
Why don’t I get on the nice Carousel,
that gently rotates all the time?
No ups and no downs, no loops upside down
no sickness or wobbly limbs.
I could pick a gold lion, a lamb or a horse
and wait while each animal follows its course –
round and round
round and round
round and round…

But I’m not alone on the ride of my choosing,
Jesus knows what it’s like.
His highs and His lows were deeper with love
than mine ever were or will be;
and God raised Him higher and higher
and higher
and he’s here even now with me:
giving me hope
that I’m never alone –
In the climbing, the soaring
the awe and the falling –
and I trust He is leading me