Keep on keeping on!

Universal in movement, spinning, expansion…
The process is life.
Flux, actively changing, reaching out…
Collisions of reckoning, of refinement
A refiner’s fire, purifying; then a cooling –
A rest to become and re-become in new, grace-gilded birth.

Sustenance to grow and nourish,
Rest to assimilate and refresh,
Maintenance to flourish –
Cleaning, clearing, dusting down, shaking off, with
Joy to strengthen, energise and empower the dance.
Keep on keeping on…

Beware the universal danger in complacency –
Stagnation and decay in denial.
Keep on keeping on…

Seasons and cycles of movement –
Infinite and eternal macro and micro mysteries
In an awesome, joyous waltz –
Spinning, ever-changing, regenerating and recreating
Engaging body, mind, soul and spirit – pressing in,
Pressing on –
Actively seeking and finding,
Asking, seeking and discovering Truth;
Learning –
Learning to let go, to find courage;
Never striving, Ever trusting the universal Creator.

Planting, nourishing, wait and harvest –
Actively choosing life, loving life and resting
Continuously – pressing in,
Pressing on –

Vigilant discipline, pruning, sacrifice
And dying –
Dying to live – in a new Spring – a Resurrection,
To grow again courageously, creatively.
Keeping on…

Ever expanding, Ever reaching out and

Assenting to living and loving in the universal, joyous dance –
Keep on keeping on!

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