Maupassant’s Short Stories – YouTube

I feel the need to offer a short story of my own – as a keen student of language and literature, I grew to love particular authors that I studied for O Level and A Level French and German. St Exupéry, Molière and Guy de Maupassant were amongst my favourite of the French authors and I particularly enjoyed Maupassant’s ‘quinze contes’ (Fifteen Tales). About 10 years ago I discovered an English translation of 30 selected ‘tales’, smiling at me in a quaint old bookshop in Eton. Of course I bought it and began to read the stories to a friend during his time of convalescence. We both enjoyed the experience, so now they are produced for you to enjoy too.

I will begin with these three that I recorded over a year ago and, if you enjoy them, I will record some more afresh. Maupassant’s short stories are to be told aloud; they are risqué, witty, fresh, cheeky and full of humanity.

This was an unrehearsed recording and is a bit of fun, so the accent fluctuates widely and embarrassingly at times, but I hope you enjoy the story and the paintings from a similar era.
Grave importunity or willing deception?
desperate misadventure!

(Sorry about the images that rendered out of sync.)

Do tell me which ones you enjoy.