FMF Prompt word: Heal

FMF Prompt word: Heal


A scooter for a 3 year old, not for a Nana-D!!!!!!

I want to tell you a short story.

Yesterday I was out playing with my son and my two young grandchildren. The children (five and three years old) each took their scooters and we went to a nearby city-farm to see the animals and play in the park there.

As we left the farm, I decided to encourage the three-year-old on her scooter, by playing on it myself and promptly went scooting down the concrete ramp.

I was aware in a split second that the wheel caught and I was flying over the knee-high handle bars towards the ground. I knew I had fallen, but then suddenly felt a huge force throwing my face towards the concrete with back-lash type impact.

I knew then that I was properly hurt and my son came rushing over to get me to sit up. Waiting a while, I processed what had happened, feeling very queezy and dizzy, when a worker from the farm came out and asked if I was okay. She knew I wasn’t, so between them they got us all indoors and somebody else took care of the children whilst they tried to sort me out.

Suddenly I was aware of a voice calling me to ‘come back’ and I felt afraid, because I didn’t seem able to get back, like I was deep under-water and drifting far away. I fought and came back to see a face I didn’t recognise and a situation I didn’t understand, but in a second or two everything registered in recognition, but I felt terribly dizzy and emotional. I clambered down onto the floor into a recovery position, as my body began violently shaking.

I was aware of ‘them’ on the phone to an ambulance, asking me many questions and trying not to drift off. I was very concerned about the grandchildren and about the trouble I was causing these kind people, who should have been able to get off to their homes.

The ambulance took me to hospital and 2 lovely paramedics handed me over to an over-worked team at A&E, who did tests to check I was not seriously damaged.

Dozing on a trolley, with a curtain between me and a man I could hear, but notHeal see, I knew in my heart that I was there to pray for that man. God showed me what to pray for and what to say to him, so over the next few hours we spoke together and God was able to minister to his heart.

Finally they cleaned me up and sent me home again, with warnings of how I would feel over the next few days, warning signs to watch out for and an admission that my face was too swollen to do a scan to see if the nose or bones were broken.

I trust that the bones are not broken and that my swollen, battered looking face will heal perfectly well. I felt so privileged to be there to pray for and encourage my hidden neighbour and will continue to pray for him for as long as the Holy Spirit brings him to my mind.

I am very grateful that my own injuries are superficial and should heal very soon, though I imagine the nose and face will turn a variety of shades in the meantime and will attract a few questions. I shall answer folk that the other fella came off far worse!

Hopefully, I will also think twice before showing my granddaughter what not to do on her scooter?

I also want to say a huge shout out of thanks and respect for the kind workers of the farm, who took their time and effort to see that we were all looked after. For the paramedics, who with grace and humour brought me to the hospital, and for the staff in A&E who work tirelessly to serve the needs of us mere mortals who occasionally desperately need their expertise and attention. Thank you all.