One of the lessons I have learned over my life, is that there are mysteries that I shall not understand this side of heaven.

I have made my peace with that. My brain is far too small, and so is my heart.

One such mystery to me, is why in things of God, some things appear instant, and some are, well, to my mind, far too slow in appearing!

For instance, (coincidentally) why are some people healed instantly and some over a period of time, or not on earth at all?

Why are some prayers answered in an instant and some we do not see an answer to?

What I have accepted is that God’s ways are higher than my ways; that He knows the bigger picture; that His thoughts and priorities are higher, and more perfect, than mine.

But some things of God ARE INSTANT.

Salvation – If I open my heart up to God, believe that Jesus died for my sins, accept Him as my Lord and Saviour – then I am instantly ‘born again’ and Father, Son and Spirit come to live in me.

Do I then look and sound like Jesus? For most of us, NO.

Though some of us, with major wounds, may receive instant transformation and miracles, for most of us, our personality and growth as Christians, our sanctification if you like, it is a process that takes the rest of our lives, growing in one degree of glory to another.

Maybe this continues in heaven too.

Personally I have learned to be grateful for this, for whilst I would love to be instantly healed of my personal issues, childhood wounds, sinful tendencies etc, I know that whilst I am weak and humbly acknowledge my need for God in all things, I cannot fall into pride of thinking that I have it all sussed and can do anything without God.

My weakness and need keep me close to Jesus’ side and in relationship with Him constantly.

By myself I can do no good thing of Kingdom value.

One thing that blows my mind though, is that God can also be even faster than instant!


Even before a thought is on my heart, God knows it.

That is faster than instant!!!


Every Friday, I join an online Christian writing community, Five Minute Friday. We are given a one-word prompt and write – unscripted, unedited, pure free-write – for 5 minutes. The prompt this week is INSTANT.

My time is up.

Instant whip image.

So to conclude:

God hears and responds in His perfect way to every prayer – even before I utter it myself.

My salvation is instant that I believe and repent; but my sanctification (my becoming more like Jesus) this takes at least the rest of our lives.

We need to lean in to God for everything and be patient, trusting that our times are in His hands and all His ways are perfect and safe.

I heard recently that Impatience is simply our focus on the I and the Me – on what I’m getting! God knows what I need!

Now there’s a thought!

11 thoughts on “FMF: Instant – MYSTERIES.

  1. Yes, there are some things that we want to change instantly whereas God wants us to learn from them, and then other times when his transforming power is breath taking. I guess we need both! I am your neighbour on FMF.

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  2. My brain’s really really small,
    heart looks out for Number One,
    that I might just Have It All,
    and in the having will have fun,
    but there is a nasty burr
    sits beneath the saddle-blanket,
    and to me it does occur
    that a shallow life might tank it
    and send me down to that hot place
    where my sunscreen’s just not able
    to give me a shady grace,
    and so cards are now on the table,
    and God, not beating ’round the bush
    shows with grin a darned straight flush.

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  3. So many things we won’t understand this side of heaven, Dawn. Your insights remind me of something Corrie ten Boom use to say – about us seeing the underside of a tapestry with all the threads and knots, etc., but that God sees the upper side which has the beautifully colored portrait of our life.

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  4. Powerful words, Dawn! I like things to change quickly, but I understand most things in life take daily work (maintaining my health, for example). May we all have more patience with each other as we travel through life–because we aren’t instant pudding; we’re people!

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  5. “What I have accepted is that God’s ways are higher than my ways; that He knows the bigger picture; that His thoughts and priorities are higher, and more perfect, than mine.” Amen! Great post, Dawn! Yes, some things are instant but most take time, don’t they? I love the thought that God can also be faster than instant, and it’s true! Blessings to you!

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