Phew, what a performance!

Image shows performance indicator dial ranging from bad to excellent


I think it is true to say that some of us have an ‘issue’ with ‘performance orientation’. Some of us have ‘performance anxiety’ and we may well have both.

In my understanding, hurts felt by us, and expectations we felt put upon us, in childhood, can cause us to feel inadequate/ not good enough as we are, and in some way flawed.

So we believe these lies about ourselves, and often we make vows to ‘be a good girl/boy’, to ‘perform’ well, to ‘get high grades’ in school and work, to achieve lots and succeed, in order to win a sense of being acceptable after-all.

We build a structure of hard-work, perfectionism, performance, control and self-sufficiency, in order to prove to the world that we do deserve to exist, do deserve to breathe your air, do deserve to have a good life, do deserve to succeed, but most of all, that we deserve to be loved and accepted.

For some of us, this structure of performance may serve us well for many areas of our life and career, but deep down, it does not make us feel acceptable or lovable.

The good news is that Jesus has died and risen again, in order that all our good works and strivings can go with Him to the cross, to be replaced with His glorious resurrection life, that He gives to each of us that asks of Him.

We can repent and renounce those lies that we agreed with; renounce those vows and judgments that we made, and be healed to live our best life in freedom and truth.

He has already accepted and loved us, and He has a perfect plan to prosper each of His children, according to His beautifully fashioned agenda – tailor-made for our destiny.

He doesn’t want our performance, or our strivings, just our listening ear and obedient, open heart.


Every Friday, I join an online Christian writing community, Five Minute Friday. We are given a one-word prompt and write – unscripted, unedited, pure free-write – for 5 minutes. The prompt this week is PERFORM

If anyone does not know Max Lucado’s “You are Special” – I highly recommend it.


16 thoughts on “Phew, what a performance!

  1. Folks are anxious, it’s a thing,
    about performance, really touching,
    but to them the truth don’t ring
    that there ain’t nobody watching.
    Ain’t no audience around,
    ain’t no need for flapping,
    and the sole and only sound
    is that of one hand clapping.
    Other people have a focus
    on their lives, on their own days,
    so be a cactus or a crocus,
    and don’t mind the way it plays
    because when all is said and through
    it’s only God who watches you.

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  2. I have not seen that video before. It was very interesting and so very true that we keep giving stars and dots to others. A very humbling lesson and a wonderful reminder for us of whose opinion truly matters.
    Thank you for sharing Dawn.

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  3. Excellent message of truth!! This aligns so well with what my counselor is reminding me of.
    I had such skewed thoughts over myself for years because of childhood trauma but now I understand that Jesus’ mercy, grace, and steadfastness claims my identity unconditionally.
    His truth over us is what counts!

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