Views and perspectives


Every Friday, I join an online Christian writing community, Five Minute Friday.

We are given a one-word prompt and write – unscripted, unedited, pure free-write – for 5 minutes. The prompt this week is VIEW.

I’ve gone on a little holiday.

I took a train up to Ayr, to join my sister and her family for a week, staying in a couple of caravans right next to the beach.

This is Scotland and this week the weather is cool, with dramatic shifts of sunshine, showers, storms and sun-bursts again and again. The children love it despite the weather, as there are many activities to enjoy.

But the beach – that is what I love!

I took two of the children off to explore the coastline, believing there to be a castle somewhere nearby, but not knowing if we could reach it along the beach, or if it was in walking distance. But the children were game for the adventure.

Armed with sunglasses, raincoats and carrier bags for treasure, we set off towards the beach and our adventure…

It was slow going towards the first headland, because they decided to hunt and collect ‘sea-glass’.

As soon as I was drafted into the search, I got distracted by my own passion for pretty coloured stones… My focus moved from dancing under the wide expanse of sky, to scouring the sands and drifts for treasure.

Looking for treasure during the first part of the adventure. Reaching the first headland…

Finally we rounded the headland and whooped, as there in the distance, at the next headland, was the ‘castle’ we’d hoped to find. There were still several minor obstacles and a whole load of beached jelly-fish, but we reached the castle rock and imagined the possible stories told through the generations of history of 16th Century Greenan Castle.

Delighted to have our hoped-for destination in sight!

Pushing them to their limits, I persuaded them it was good to climb up to get a closer look, since we had come so far; brambles and nettles tried to deter us, reminiscent of the tale of ‘sleeping beauty’, but we reached the top and were immediately silenced by the beautiful views.

views looking back to the whole length of our journey from the far headland

The view made the destination more than worthwhile, though the adventure itself was such fun and a memorable afternoon out.

There’s more than one lesson in that!

The journey of life itself can be explored as an exciting adventure.

Push through to your destination, despite the obstacles and don’t give up.

The nearer you lean towards God’s heart, the closer you get to His perspective – and from heaven’s perspective, the view is amazingly all-encompassing and glorious.

I want to enjoy all of my life’s adventure from a heavenly perspective. Do you?

16 thoughts on “Views and perspectives

  1. To describe this, sweet and short,
    in the drifting river-fogs,
    my home’s an artillery fort
    that smells of gunpowder and dogs.
    I’m sure Barb had a different plan,
    an open, airy place of peace,
    but fortune led her to a man
    whose vision of sweet life and ease
    consisted of a castle, moated,
    and girded round by razor wire,
    whose guardians are canines, devoted
    enough to brave the devil-fire
    that echoes through this border-place,
    caricature of quiet grace.

    Your post reminded me of a description of Deal Castle, which ‘stank of gunpowder and dogs ‘, which, to me, seems like a good paradigm for life.

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  2. Lovely views. Lovely memories. Lovely photo journal. I too love the beach. We’re going camping this coming weekend. I’m so looking forward to putting feet in sand and water. Thank you for the views from your side of the world.

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  3. The nearer you lean towards God’s heart, the closer you get to His perspective – love that and something I will try and remember when I have to push through.
    Lovely photos Dawn 💙

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  4. I love it….was so excited to see that castle come into view!:) Push through. I have to admit this is something I need to improve on. I am far too easily discouraged – not exactly why but I need this reminder! Who knows how many castles/adventures I have missed!?

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  5. I too agree this nugget is worth taking to heart: “The nearer you lean towards God’s heart, the closer you get to His perspective.” And his perspective will always lead to contentment, wisdom, and understanding. A lovely and inspiring post, Dawn!

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