Do I trust Him? Can He trust me?

This week’s FMF writing prompt is: TRUST


Words that occur to me in response to that loaded, elephant in the room five-letter word:

Trust = falling, insanity, sacrifice, disappointment, let-me-down…

Trust is almost a dirty word and terrifying, to me, yet simultaneously one of the sweetest and most precious of dreams.

It is currently being held right up there in my face, questioning, showing me how little of it I have, testing me now it is actually needed.

Now I need to walk the talk!

I see that it is the only thing left, if I am to obey the voice of God.

But all of me rebels, kicks and screams and asks for an easier way, a way I can control myself, a path I can see the outcome of and one which looks safe and ordinary…

(Of course my own way, the broad road, is never at all better, or smooth, or safer, or anything else I deceive myself with in my denial and resistance.)

How does one surrender, submit, let-go and let God?

How does one learn to trust? Except by doing it?

My only response, to self, is that if I am to trust that God loves me, as He says; to trust that God has forgiven me my sins, that He hears my prayers, that Jesus has purchased for me eternal life with Him, then I am going to have to prove to myself that I will trust and obey Him with this seemingly crazy, but relatively trivial, step right now.


I was looking for an image of that trust game we used to do at school where one fell back, hopefully to be caught be the ‘friend’ behind you… So grateful to have a real trustworthy friend in Jesus. Can He trust me?

20 thoughts on “Do I trust Him? Can He trust me?

  1. Trust is so sweet and precious, Dawn! You won’t regret trusting Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. It is definitely a journey; but it is such a sweet walk with Him! Here’s to us trusting Him more and more and more each day.

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  2. Can the Master trust me
    to do all that I said?
    To be what I had claimed to be,
    though I might end up dead?
    Can He really trust my heart,
    that I will spread His word?
    Will I play my vaunted part,
    though I may face the sword?
    I wish that I could give a Yes
    to all I’ve said above,
    but this would only be a guess,
    for do I truly love
    His promise of eternity
    beyond what is now safe for me?

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  3. A good question you ask Dawn – how do we learn to trust. Initially I guess it is just believing in his word that he can be trusted or through the testimony of others that we might choose to do so. But in our lives, It takes experience to know that the Lord is faithful and it becomes easier to trust when we look back at his hand and faithfulness in our lives.

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    • Yes. Even with experience of His faithfulness and trust-worthiness, it is interesting that some trials are more challenging than others. I’m learning much about me and my relationship with God through challenges. God wastes nothing!! 😀 ❤

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  4. Great post Dawn, something we must choose daily—to trust Him. Not always easy though.
    I like what Manu commented too, “it becomes easier to trust when we look back at His hand and faithfulness in our lives.”

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  5. Your journey and your wrestling sound similar to mine. Trust and obey, for there’s no other way……. Simple, not easy. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. Your FMF neighbour at #3 this week.

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