Today I write again for the Five-Minute-Friday writing challenge.

One thing I am growing to love about this challenge is the fresh spontaneity of association and all that flows.

This week’s prompt is VISION

Go –

Confession time.

One of the games I have played as long as I remember is eye-games. I like to stare at images and shift the gaze or close my eyes to transfer the image as a negative into a different space… Have you done this? It is especially good with light and dark shapes and images that somehow fix themselves onto the retina or whatever it is?

The other game is closing one eye and scanning the positions of all within my field of vision, then swapping eyes and looking how the view has changed. I used to try measuring the difference of shift too and seeing if it always matched the distance between my eyes.

Silly games, but they fascinated me. (they still do!)

photography view camera photographer lens hand blurred focus sun sunset sunrise lake concept

What we see depends so much on what we are looking for and what we have already been looking at. If I have been sketching, I see perspective, light and shadows; if cleaning photos with ‘photo-shop’ software, I would find my mind’s-eye cleaning up the blemishes as I walk along the streets…

When I spend time consciously in the presence of God, I tend to see my world from a heavenly perspective and approach it with hope and compassion.

When I read the Word of God, I see its application in the conversations and events of my everyday…

When my focus is on myself, my troubles and concerns, the weight drags me down.

When my focus is on the burdens and injustices in the world, these are the only things I see.

It is imperative that I bring my own concerns, the burdens of others and the injustices in the world to the throne-room of God. When I see the enormity of the power and love God, I see everything back in its true perspective.

In today’s world there is potential for information and sensory overload and overwhelm.

So choose what to focus on, choose what to switch off and keep your eyes on Jesus.


There’s a great song there, and it is swirling my brain as my next ear-worm, I hope it keeps me focussed today –

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim

In the light of His Glory and Grace.

13 thoughts on “FMF – VISION

  1. I try to look at all my stuff
    the way that God might see,
    and wonder if I do enough
    that I may someday be
    a bit more than a carnal beast,
    with beer and pizza for the chasing,
    and having yen, oh no, not least
    for bikini barrel-racing.
    Does He see here something more
    than a dude, nobody’s prize,
    or does He kick down at the floor,
    frustrated, and then roll His eyes
    and wish that He’d made real the story
    of the Romish purgatory?

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  2. Perspective really does affect our heart and our view, Dawn. I appreciate this truth, “When I spend time consciously in the presence of God, I tend to see my world from a heavenly perspective and approach it with hope and compassion.” May we be carriers of His Presence.

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