Thanksgiving for February.

Despite the gloom of devastating news around the world, people are still praying and are seeing answers to prayer.

In extra-ordinary circumstances, we see extra-ordinary kindness and supernatural grace.

I am so grateful for each act of kindness shown to a person in need, at this time and always.

Acts of kindness are signs of hope, which generate gratitude in others.

Gratitude recognises hope and is simultaneously a beacon of hope.

The more grateful we are, the more abundance we recognise we have to be grateful for.

A grateful heart makes me conscious of the present, helps me to be mindful, helps me to lift my focus away from problems and to look for solutions.

Gratitude makes me smile, gives me contentment and peace and joy and it gives me the compassion to be generous to others and to become an answer to their prayers.

On a daily basis, personally, I need a lot of time and space alone, to recharge my batteries. Having company challenges this, but the benefits always far out-way any inconvenience!

That said, my life is about relationships – my relationship with God and my relationships with all the beautiful people I have had the honour of getting to know. I am so thankful for all of the people in my life.

The gratitude in this blog is specifically for the month of February.

Though my life is full of people, February was an extra-sociable month for me.

My first-born son, whom I’ve not seen for 18 months, came home from Vienna for a fortnight’s break. Not only did I enjoy some precious time with him, but also many of his friends dropped in to see him – an added blessing for me.

My sister also had made a trip South from Orkney and she came to spend a few days with me, which was also precious.

In between, an old school friend, visiting Nottingham, also had an evening and morning to spare with me.

I am so grateful for these beloved people, who no longer live close by – for who they are and for those opportunities to spend more quality time with them.

In other special intentions, I am so thankful for God for the following answered prayers:

That J.’s travel home to the UK was smooth and easy.

For some great family gatherings, meals in and out.

That D. and J. are now both on sober journeys.

That L. has been given leave to be a stay-at-home mum until T’s 3rd birthday.

That S. has sailed through a bout of Corona.

That A.’s neck-brace is now removed, the family reunited and God glorified in this.

That a positive connection was made with D. and R.

For F.’s beautiful spirit and that You took him suddenly and without any suffering.

For healing and restoring L. (and sustaining her with Psalm 23) and bringing her back to fellowship.

For the opportunities of zoom to allow T. and G. to lead home-group.

For all the families we could bless with half-term lunch-club and for C. and the team serving.

That D. got to see R. in the nursing home, despite all the regulations.

That an old friend was re-acquainted with S. through my book.

That Z got the job he applied and worked hard for.

That R. Got the job she went for and loves it.

For re-connection with R. and that she is writing, healing and growing closer to You.

For the blessings of donations from local stores for our Kilos of Kindness to bless our communities.

As always, I thank God for all the requests and cares that I have entrusted to Him and for the knowledge that throughout February, although I may yet see no results, I trust that He has already answered in His great mercy and compassion.

I am also grateful for all those who are praying for me and for all their loved ones.

If you want to pray, but don’t know where to start, pray for God’s will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Speak to your heavenly father as you would to your closest friend and pour out your concerns however they come out, knowing that He listens, understands and cares more passionately than you do.

Then thank God for hearing you.

What are you thankful for today?

Who is thankful for what you said or did today?

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