May Thanksgiving

1 Timothy 2:1:

I urge then first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made.”

Every day at 3pm Peter and John went to the temple to pray. Why? Because prayer changes situations and lives.

Prayer has changed my life too. Those who read my blog know that I began keeping a thanksgiving record of all answers to specific prayer requests I had made. This was to ensure that I remember to give thanks and praise to God. I find it is easy to forget problems as soon as the emergency has passed. So I have committed myself to bring specific requests to God and to give Him thanks and glory for all the answers each month.

Earlier this week I held my thanksgiving book to God and asked why there were only two entries for June? Then I felt distinctly embarrassed by the realisation that it had been weeks since I asked some people for an update on the progress of those for whom I have been praying. I learned a good lesson, as I then made contact and humbly received the wonderful news of great progress. Thanks and glory to God!!

For God’s intervention and answers to prayer in May, I give joyful thanks specifically for:

New medication and healing progress physically and emotionally for S.,

Ease of work stress and desired reduction of hours for L.,

Healing of infection, removal of tubes, steps taken and now G is finally home with his wife,

Approval and receipt of benefits, at last, for C and family,

Safe delivery of A’s granddaughter,

Ability to persevere and repay some debts for R.,

Provision of a mentor for S.,

Encouragement received and renewed relationship,

Invitation for me to go on a family holiday and for a wonderfully blessed week together,

Safe return of D’s £300 glasses,

Successful completion of courses, assignments and exams for J, C, Z and L.,

Preparing and painlessly calling C and L home,

Allowing us to bless and serve all the needy families over half-term.

And I thank God for His continued protection, healing power, salvation, comfort, guidance, grace, favour, displays of love, wisdom and blessings over all those we intercede and pray for.

God neither slumbers nor sleeps and He delights that we entrust to Him all those situations over which we are completely powerless. In our weakness, He is able to prove His mighty power and strength.

Thanks and praise to God.

Keep bringing all your prayers to your heavenly Father, who delights to give good gifts to His children.

6 thoughts on “May Thanksgiving

  1. A Thanksgiving book is such a great idea, Dawn. I started a Mercies book I guess you would call it. I’m trying to record the things that God does to nudge me along. But I have to admit, I haven’t been writing those things down for a while. I do get off track. Thankfully God is good to give those nudges. Thanks for sharing and passing on the nudge.

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    • my pleasure Tina – I always think of the 10 lepers who asked to be healed – all 10 went off cleansed but only one returned to give thanks and was healed. I want to always remember to give God the thanks and praise when what I’ve prayed about is answered and stop taking it all for granted. His mercies are new every morning – I love the idea of the mercies book – what sort of things go in there?


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