This morning I had some memories of miracles that happened, when I lived in London, which to me were dramatic evidence of God’s supernatural protection. It is good for me to remember, to praise God and to encourage others with these testimonies.

I know that God protects us in so many ways, that we are often even unaware of, just as He answers our prayers continuously, but sometimes He does it in such a way as to really get our attention. These are three such jewels.

1 – First, I remembered the day that I got called out of class for a phone call from Maria (my au-pair girl) – she was beside herself with panic and distress as my two-year old Conor had fallen off the table and was lying on the floor, crying in pain and unable to move his neck or spine. Maria sobbed and gabbled that she had prayed like never before, panicked, tried to phone for an ambulance, but decided instead to phone me. I listened and had such a supernatural peace (and assurance of a miracle), that I was able to reassure her and tell her I was on my way… I collected Josh from his class and together we drove home (I so rarely had the car at school, so that was another blessing). I calmly explained to Josh, that Conor had had an accident, but was going to be fine and that Maria was terribly upset. When I arrived home, Conor was still immobile and moaning (he had been in the same position already for over 2 hours at this point), so I prayed over him and called the paramedics… Maria had candles out and was praying and promising God that, if He healed Conor, she would believe and attend Mass every week! The paramedics were wonderful, but they were afraid to move him, so after a careful examination they went to fetch a neck support and stretcher… I continued praising God and praying, declaring that he was going to be fine… When the paramedics approached Conor to put the neck support on him, he stopped crying, looked startled and jumped up and ran away!!! The paramedics went away laughing and I praised God.

2 – A few months later, a very distressed Maria shared her worry about a growth that had reappeared on her neck (she had had an identical one before and had had it surgically removed, as it was cancerous)She let me pray for healing, in the name of Jesus, and by the morning, the growth had completely disappeared! All glory to God.

God is so good, but these two relatively dramatic events, witnessed first-hand by Maria, somehow still did not convince Maria… Yet! As far as I know, she still doesn’t go to church, but only God knows if she prays or believes. She knows what happened though! It reminds me of Jesus saying, “’If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.'” (Luke 16:31)

I am also aware that I witnessed God’s healing power in these events and yet I too often doubt, am fearful and do not always trust God’s providence or willingness to do the miraculous today. We are slow to learn and quick to forget the Lord.

3 – The other act of God’s obvious and dramatic protection at that time, was the day me and the boys were going to meet a crowd of friends at Hyde Park, for the “Party in the Park” event. We had worked out which bus we would need to get, to coordinate our rendezvous in the busy park entrance, but the boys faffed about and we missed our bus! I was annoyed and stressed about being late, but when we were finally on the next bus, heading into town, we passed the bus that we were supposed to be on –it had crashed into an overhanging tree, and the exact place where we always sat (the top, left-hand, front of the bus) was completely smashed in and full of tree. We had been protected from being badly injured in that crash. We all knew it and were so awestruck and grateful.

This incident has continued to remind me to trust and praise God in all circumstances, especially when circumstances don’t seem to be going to my plan and seem to be going “wrong”, according to my own limited understanding.

Of course, no miracle is greater than the miracle of God’s love for sinners like me and the miracle of Salvation in Jesus.

But I hope these testimonies from my own life encourage you, as they do me. Maybe you have your own testimonies that you need to remind yourself of and maybe even share to encourage others? All glory and praise to God.

reminders of the hope we have in Him…

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