Prepositions of audacious love!

Prepositions of audacious love

This is a snippet of playfulness – of how my mind can ‘go-off-on-one’ when I allow it.

This was during morning prayer…

I was staring at the Celtic-style stone cross, which sits in front of my candle jar…

… the gentle light of the candle was dancing through the flame-smudges and wax on the jar; and I considered…

The candle light became the light of God’s radiant love behind the cross – the preposition “behind” struck me, so I followed it’s grammatical/symbolic path of position and preposition…

I meditated on the significance of God’s love being behind the cross – as we speak of motivation being “behind” an action or attitude – and God’s love was definitely behind His sacrifice on that cross…

What about in front, or before? God’s love was definitely before the cross – the cross was because of, therefore His love preceded the cross. For God so loved the world, that…!

(And I saw the Ark of the Covenant and His presence visible in front of and behind His people in the Wilderness).

His love beside the cross? Absolutely! The cross was a place where the love of God was demonstrably fully present. His love and mercy were beside and in and completely fully present at, on, in and throughout the divine and human suffering of the cross, then and now.

So, above the cross? Of course! His love and purposes are higher and above and beyond anything we can imagine…

Can it go below? Yes, for His love dug the hole. His love is the foundation for all the purpose, work, victory and glory of the cross.

So the love of God is behind, before, beside, in, through, on, above and below… it is beyond and all over the cross… and like the candle light, it dances gloriously, compels, makes visible and radiates from the central point of love, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ, who, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross…

For me and for you.

I painted the candle jar and the cross that inspired these meditations: –

I painted the candle jar and the cross that inspired these meditations: –

7 thoughts on “Prepositions of audacious love!

  1. I love that….such a beautiful revelation….
    Above beyond before behind inside aside all over…..the wonderful love of God….nice painting too Dawn 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it, Dawn. Anyone who enjoys the English language would also enjoy it. Anyone who loves the Lord Jesus would love this post. And finally, in writing this post, you have gone behind, before, beside, in, through, on, and above the call of literary duty!

    Liked by 1 person

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