“Let every throne, before Him fall…” is a line in a song I was singing this morning, and suddenly I saw what it meant, to me, now.

I pray every morning, “Not my will, but Your will be done!” But this week, two sets of circumstances have occurred that have… well, they’ve gone against what I had planned. They loudly challenged that pious prayer! Dawn’s plans were scuppered and thrown aside (excuse the pun!) and Dawn was disappointed, mad, irritated, discombobulated and wanted to cry. In fact I did cry. I cried and stamped my feet, because God has let me – ( He has been teaching me the importance of “lament”, of “pouring the heart out like water unto the Lord” – because it is an amazing avenue of processing and healing that He gives to us, “stiff-upper-lipped” folk that we are). So I moaned and wailed and got the “poor me” bit out, until I got to the “AND YET…” – and yet – I will praise the Lord (though the crops fail and the sun doesn’t shine) and yet – I will look to him, from whom my help comes; and yet – I will hope in Him, though circumstances look bad…

Mine aren’t bad circumstances in the scheme of things, my life is not threatened, as some are; I am not starving or persecuted, as some are; I do not face real trial or hardship, as many do. I simply didn’t get the little thing I had set my heart on in the way I had hoped for; and then I discovered that I have to self isolate and cancel all my plans for the next fortnight – but that’s all! But they were MY plans and I have to let go. God knew about it and He has other plans for me – better than mine. I will trust Him to know better. That is the second lesson – the principle of relinquishing. The prayer of lament and the prayer of relinquishing (or whatever the noun for relinquish is).

My plans were my throne. I have to get off my throne and look to the real King, the Lord to whom I pray “Thy will be done” and I have to let Him sit on my throne again. I thought He was on the throne, until a bit of my plan went “wrong” – so the Lord, my Lord on my throne, is teaching me and showing me a better way…

I will lament my hurt, relinquish control back to Him, get out the way and

…AND YET, I will trust Him, praise Him and forever hope in Him.


Who is on the throne?

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