“There IS no escape!

No way out!

No place to hide”

HE is bigger, faster and his legs are long;

He is older, cleverer and his arms are strong;

He has guns and whips,

he punches and kicks,

he slaps and canes,

but the worst is the SHAME…

– the words…

the lies,


and blame

guilt and blame –


He is damaged and hurt,

has had his share of dirt;

but the Truth was never revealed

– to him

and the pain was never healed

– for him

– So he dumped it all on us!

And I am TRAPPED –

trapped in the room, by the walls and the space;

trapped by his power, his will and disgrace;

trapped by his threats – barbed with cutting words –

and trapped by my own fear of never being heard!

Too late!

Fear of pain and of torture and death

fear of being wiped off the face of the earth!

Too late?…

For I am insignificant, powerless, silenced and small

and confused, controlled and overwhelmed by it all…

But Lord, I turned to You.


You are my HOPE.

You rescued me! You set me free!

To You I can run and in You I can hide –

in Your big, loving arms, I am strong at Your side!

You rescued me! You set me free!

You hold me and heal me, with salvation and Power,

forever my refuge and my faithful, strong tower.

You rescued me! You set me free!

Thanks be to God!

Girl! Run from evil, to the Lord, and He WILL rescue you. Amen

“Even in death, the righteous have a refuge” Proverbs 14 v 32

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