Emotional Roller Coaster

an old one… I’m glad to say I have choices now… Praise God!


Climbing, soaring, awesome
The excitement is breathtaking as the ride just begins;
the path I steadily climb,
higher and higher, the air getting thin,
exhilarating rushes of wind;
Reaching a peak it rests for a while…
the views from up here, I inhale –
the beauty, creation, the planets and stars
from this awesome height I rejoice…

With joy and with awe I would stay here forever
a sigh as my head tumbles back…
but this is the ride where high turns to low…
and this will not last,
back down I will go,
with a scream and a tear
and a moment of fear;
I will land with a thump back below!
The body has landed but the rest is still up there,
sick with no stomach and empty inside;
and now it all seems, back down on the ground,
this ache is reality and that was a…

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