Heart of a Diamond (#becoming)

Welcome back… This was triggered by a word of encouragement from a treasured friend


Reveal your secrets, Oh Diamond-
prized and coveted among gems
translucent, multifaceted-
but why SO loved?

You were not your own.
Hard pressed, hidden and buried in fire
trapped in life, death and time,
but this makes you solid and stronger than iron!

Fortune to the one who finds you, who digs you out
all rough and common looking,
a true treasure only to Him who dares, Him who knows,
Him who sees and cares enough!

The first blow comes:
and a facet of light gleams
reflecting glorious light though precious rock.
The Craftsman, the master of time, is patient;
for nothing is wasted;
time and again it is broken, hewn
and the shards are gathered and ground,
mixed with blood to make a paste-
a unique compound,
a polish to reflect a face
to polish others found along the path of strewn, hewn rocks


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5 thoughts on “Heart of a Diamond (#becoming)

    • YAY!!! Thank you for reading them – I’m putting some of them back out there again with illustrations this time… do you think I should include an audio of each poem too – A poem is meant to be heard, not read? Do you agree? x

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      • I think you’ll do really well with videos too…because there’ll be a lot more viewers on YouTube. You are very talented and your pace is great. Audio with illustrations is really cool and y6iu have some great quality illustrations. On the personal front, I prefer reading. But that’s just my style. I am aware there are a lot more people who prefer audio….whatever you choose…..I know you’ll do great….

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      • I like plain audio clips that I can keep on replaying while doing chores and work….on my headset……and then I like reading. I’m not much of a video person. But I look around and see most people prefer to watch videos instead. You’ll be sharing the Good News with a lot more people with audio and illustrations I guess…..Go Dawn….looking forward to more stuff from you….blessings🎀🤗😍

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