The Lord’s Prayer

My beloved Nana gave me a pendant with this image on when I was a girl and the Lord’s Prayer inscribed on the other side…

I took the liberty of reflecting on “The Lord’s Prayer” and putting it into a language that refreshes it’s meaning to me. I hope it raises an Amen from you too:


You are our heavenly father, mother, loving creator and source of all life; we are ALL Your children.
Your names describe your character – Almighty God, Provider, Holy One, Most High God – You are Holy and more magnificent and more powerful than anything.
We want to live as You intend us to live – in a free, beautiful, perfect world, as you created it to be – with You, for You. We can only do this with you.
We trust You to give us everything that we need to do this – every day; to fully rely on You with faith and gratitude.
We all make mistakes, sometimes deliberately and sometimes in ignorance. We do terrible things to ourselves and to each other. We are sorry. Help us to be patient, tolerant, understanding and to forgive other people and ourselves for our mistakes, as You forgive us, in your unconditional love and mercy.
Remind us to stay close to You – safe in Your protection – and to see people and situations through Your eyes, so that we will always act with love for You and for Your creation, rather than gratifying our own selfish greed or laziness.
We want to thank You and praise You, serve You, follow you, because the whole world was made by you and belongs to you alone. You are the Most powerful and glorious being that ever was and ever will be. We cannot adequately describe how amazingly great You are.
We surrender to You in total trust – as infinite, eternal and the loving source of all life. You are life.
Let us be, let me be, as You intend.
Whatever You ask, we say YES to You.

7 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer

  1. Love this – really … Thoughtfully nice to expand the text. You might like to read my meditation on the Lord’s Prayer/find it interesting – on the ACW (Assoc Christian Writers) blog, in the March 3rd 2016 slot. A different take, but some similarities of thought, I think. I was trying to look at the challenges this well known prayer gives us, if we pray it attending to the details. 2,000 Years of Prayer … by Clare Weiner (aka Mari Howard)

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    • Thanks, Debbie. I’ve wanted to do that for years, as I’ve often meditated on it line by line. And recently I was listening to someone rattling it off like a nursery rhyme and it prompted me again. It’s good that it’s so well known – even to people who are not Christians, but it’s true that familiarity causes at least complacency and a taking for granted…. Shut up, Dawn. xx


  2. AMEN! Thank you for the slightly easier to understand version of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s words ring true to everything that’s going on right now, and I think that they’ll still apply for many years to come. And what a beautiful pendant. You must have a very generous Nan.

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