We all live our lives with faith: –
We believe that tomorrow we will wake from our sleep
That when we open our mouth our voices will speak
That turning on the tap, water will flow
And planting seed, the crops will grow…

On things electric we now rely
We all believe that planes can fly
Even though we know not why
With science and reason we can try…

We believe in science, justice and reason
We hold all these in great esteem
Though learned folk of the previous season
Thought today’s inventions just a dream.

But faith in God or a Higher Power –
There scepticism abounds –
We see divisions that we have made
And ignore the evidence of life around

The intelligence in the seed and brain
Are mysteries we can’t explain
And what of longing, valour and love
They are not explained by the theories above.

For who witnesses birth and does not wonder
Or looking at the stars does not ponder?
Or seeing the beauty of a flower
Or the sea in its mystery and power…

Does he not ask why?

If there is no power greater than me
Then from naught I came and naught will ever be;
If the highest intelligence rests with man
Where is he going and what is his plan?

Man didn’t fling the stars into space
Nor did he set the oceans in place
He didn’t design the maple’s seed
And doesn’t meet our deepest need.

A rational response to reality
Requires a sane humility
To acknowledge with serenity –
No matter what I conceive it to be –
A power infinitely greater than me!

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