A Pot of Gold ( #temptation)

New year dawns and days lengthen
holding promise – for those ever looking ? –
in the warming, breathing spaces outside.
Sap rises in the garden
spreading an emerald glow
of hope and soft touches and scents of tenderness.

Amongst the yellow, the white and the green
stirs the mischievous leprechaun.
A flash of gold among the daffodils
He dances, playing, beckoning:
“Your garden is lovely! Linger a little with me!
I have a pot of gold – come and see!”
“You cheeky fly-by-night! You’d charm away my precious pearl?
Be gone with your fools’ gold!”

But I stay, I listen and watch him play
Alluring, daring, boldly dancing.
Sparkling amber green and gold dazzling
A glance over the wall at the forest – in the shade of the trees –
blue-bells, wild garlic, pastel greens – alive! Calling:
“Catch me if you can?”
I dance in the snatches of sunlight
those eyes!
Eyes are everywhere –
warning, peering, scowling, sneering –
looking for the leprechaun?
He won’t be found!
For beyond the forest are the sea cliff,
the summer sun, sands and seclusion…only IF…

But my garden is safe and my garden is beautiful
and therein lies my pearl!
Do not seduce me with fool’s gold!
Like the gold, he’s not really there – the Charmer!
but he does have to go.
There is work to be done in the garden,
to prepare for a pure and timely harvest.
“Be gone, wilful sprite!”
But the garden is ever more beautiful in the spring sun
and still we dance in golden fire
warm fragrance of life and magic caress of day-dreams to melt into…

I miss my leprechaun, the magic and the glow
I miss the stories, the tenderness and oh!
How I’ll miss the amber green fire,
the twinkling, dazzling gold
but I know –
that the garden will be more beautiful, my pearl more precious to behold;
and I’ll always remember the dance in the trees and the dream of the leprechaun
and his illusive pot-of- gold!

Be gone with your fools’ gold, wilful sprit!

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